The Charli Green Bigband is a musical organization, led by trumpeter, arranger and composer Charli Green.

Born in 1945 in Memphis Tenessee USA, Charli Green was influenced and inspired by the Big Band as an institute he got to know when he grew up. The Big Band was the place where aspiring professional musicians learned their trade and could practice their musical skills.

We want to create an atmosphere where the importance of music as a universal force is apparent. - Charli Green.

Over the years, Charli Green has worked with musicians like Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Art Taylor, Lou Bennet and leading singers such as Denise Jannah and Gé Titulaer amongst others. These experiences have deepened his conviction that a band is an instrument of community welfare and should contribute to the betterment of the musical atmosphere in society.

In sharing this conviction with his fellow band members, the CGBB produces an energetic, passionated and unique sound that encompasses elements such as soul, warmth, love, surprirse, groove, excitement, happiness and swing.

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