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  • The Charli Green Bigband consist of 17 professional musicians, led by trumpeter, arranger and composer Charli Green.

    Whether they play in a theatre, in an intimate clubsetting, at a Gala or a corporate party, the Charli Green Bigband produces an energetic, passionated and unique sound that embraces its audience and encompasses elements such as soul, warmth, love, surprise, groove, excitement, happiness and swing.

    The band offers a versatile repertoire, from jazz music, based on the traditional bigband genre with a wide variety of contemporary influences, to Latin Jazz and related styles.

    By examining and crossing the borders of the jazz tradition in original compositions, the Charli Green Bigband offers an excellent and inspiring podium for singers, soloists, composers and arrangers.


Couleur Royale: The Charli Green Bigband i.s.m. The Colour Kitchen

When: 11 December 2014 @ 19:00 - doors open 18:30

Denise Jannah & Charli Green Bigband: "A glimpse into our Soul"

When: 7 February 2015 @ 20:00 - doors open 19:30


Charli Green
Ywo Lamonaca
Jon Staekenbrug
Raya Hadzhieva
Ger Timmens
Lior Kuperberg
Cees Keim
Frido ter Beek
Robbert Tuinhof
Hubert van Wijngaarden
Jos van de Heuvel
Annemieke Henrichs
Arthur Moore
Bert Damsma
Jeanclair de Ruwe
Uli Glaßmann
Eric Wijnands